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Vinayaka Mission's Research Foundation is in striving for Excellence, has always been in the lead in extending Education and Research to the new frontiers of Knowledge.


To Dream is not Enough, To Dream and Achieve is what is Required.

Dr. A. S. Ganesan

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Bachelor of Architecture is an undergraduate Course on widely Architecture & Building Science. The Course objective is to understand the Design Process, Constructing Buildings and integrate with its surroundings of the total built Structure from Micro to Macro level.

School of Architecture

Design Process, Constructing Buildings

Interior Design

Concept and Drawings, Presentation

Planning Design

Engineering Design - Architecture Design


To spread education globally in the fields of Medicine, Dental, Paramedical, Homeopathy, Engineering, Management and Basic Sciences.



To achieve excellence in education and make education as a tool for social change for the betterment of the society.

Constituents of the Emblem of Vinayaka Missions Research Foundation.

  • Lord Vinayaka: Signifies wisdom and divine grace.
  • The Cap: The graduation headgear of the emblem represents the University status of VMRF.
  • The Pond and The Lotuses: Signify the pond of knowledge imparted to both men and women.



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